World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations


Novi Sad, 13-14 February 2021


Now it seems so long ago when we were preparing to bid in 2018, as so many things happened since then. At that time, it sounded surreal that we will get the chance to be your hosts for the next convention, especially when we remember who were the other colleagues and destinations bidding. But you, our dear colleagues, have chosen Serbia and Novi Sad for your 19thWFTGA Convention. Thank you all for giving us that honor!

Our country is not big, however it has so many things to offer to its guests, including you. All across the country, you can find a lot of historical and cultural monuments dedicated to different periods and ethnicities, different natural features from plains in the north to mountains in the south, as well as you can taste our rich national cuisine and drinks, so well know in the region and the world. But the most important part of every country are its people. We are proud of Serbian hospitality and kindness, treating every person like a family member. When you come to Serbia be prepared to become a part of our family.

In 2010, when we were establishing our Serbian National Tourist Guide Association, we had a vision to make a difference for our profession; to support practical training of local guides, to organize workshops and meetings of colleagues, to connect them with guides from all around the world, and many other things. We didn’t even dream that we would be able to bring all of you to us, to Serbia.

Maybe this will sound to you as a cliché but tourist guides are ambassadors of their countries, and we in SNTGA truly believe in that. We are proud to be a member of WFTGA big family! We promise to do our best to make you feel Welcomed in Serbia!


Best wishes to all our colleagues from all around the world.

Yours truly,


Ivana Ćuruvija

President of Serbian National Tourist Guide Association


For all early bookers until July 31, there is a discount of 30-100 €.

optional excursions


During the pre Convention tour we want to show you some of the best known attractions from our Serbian royal history, together with more contem- porary attractions. Central and Western Serbia are known as the original homes of the Serbian royal families since the early medieval period, and mountains have many native plants thriving in the forests. Wooden made goods are a craft tradition followed to this day not to be missed.

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For the post Convention tour let us guide you through the roots of the Roman Empire and the ancient course of the Danube, through the canyons of Eastern Serbia, and the secrets of the surrounding mountains carved in the caves like Prekonoška. Eastern Serbia is regionally known for its dash of ancient magic, and worldwide for its ancient and historical sites, the strength of the Danube as a source for energy, complimented by the silence in the caves and monasteries.

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