Welcome to Novi Sad,

he second-largest city in Serbia and the capital of Autonomous Province of Vojvodina, Novi Sad is the small city that has everything you need and more. Our ‘Serbian Athens’ is the cultural centre for Serbs and many nationalities living in Vojvodina. As proof of its multi- culturality, it even has official names in several languages. In 2019 Novi Sad was the European Youth Capital, and in 2021 it will be the European Capital of Culture. Both of these titles show the potential of Novi Sad, important for its locals and tourists equally. The Miletić statue, the 4 majestic bridges, the Danube, the Petrovaradin Fortress, the Name of Mary Church, the Čika Jova Zmaj statue, the EXIT festival, etc. These are all famous symbols of Novi Sad. We invite you to find out something about Mileva Marić Einstein, to explore many small passages around the city centre, and even to witness our secret protector, the real Ironman!

Ivana Ćuruvija and the Organising Team

Novi Sad is celebrating birthday

Novi Sad is celebrating its 272nd birthday. In 1748, on this day, February 1st, it became a free city, obtained the name it bears today and received the status of Free Royal City from Empress Maria Theresa.
Happy birthday to Novi Sad!


A short film about Serbia

A short film about Serbia in 5 minutes that reveals its journey through history, filled with natural and cultural values and greatness! A fairytale country, a land of welcoming people, a land of opportunity and tourism.
Check it out and enjoy!


Presentation on “A Journey Through Serbia”

Big thank you to our ambassador H.E. Djerdj Matkovic and WFTGA ambassador our colleague Maricar Donato for organizing promotion of the 19th WFTGA conventintion that will be in Novi Sad Serbia in February 2021. Thanks as well to all our colleagues from Washington DC. See you soon in Serbia.